About us

Point Solutions DC is a rapidly growing marketing firm in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.  

We are contracted by Fortune 500 clients to market their products in new and innovative ways in order to reach customers who have been unresponsive to traditional forms of advertising.  Instead of billboards, commercials and internet advertisements, Point Solutions DC relies on the tried but true strategy of building relationships with each individual customer.  

Through tailored interactions and face-to-face conversations, we are able to create an experience that is both refreshing for the customer and successful for our client.  The genuine bond built between the Point Solutions DC team and each customer does wonders for brand loyalty, vastly reducing churn and buyer’s remorse.  

Our business-to-consumer campaigns are immediate, widespread and produce tangible results; and for this reason, Point Solutions DC is in high demand.  

Our team is comprised of entrepreneurial-minded top performers.  All Point Solutions DC employees have the opportunity to enroll in our unique Management Training Program in which we provide training in most business essentials, such as team leadership, management, executing a marketing campaign, sales, interviewing and recruiting, public speaking and finance.  The Management Training program dictates each participant’s respective role in regard to the marketing campaign on which our firm is working.  This creates a dynamic atmosphere in which each Point Solutions DC team member is motivated to excel, in turn providing unparalleled performance to our clients.